Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Uncorked 2012!

Every year the well known NACE organization has their annual Uncorked event!  This event brings together all of the Baltimore NACE members.  These members include caterers, event planners, DJ's, Event Rental Company's, Event Entertainment and more!  The members join forces to make exquisite tablescapes and more importantly raise money for Meals on Wheels and the good of the organization locally and nationally.  This year the theme was "Bucket List."  All of the tables demonstrated what might be on your bucket list!

Party Plus decided to take the theme local and did a piece of "Baltimore's Bucket List."  For all of you locals, you know that Vaccaro's Little Italy is a Baltimore landmark and tradition.  And if you were a tourist, Vaccaro's is a "must see!"- or should I say a "must eat!"

The table was mostly edible, even down to the canolli napkin rings.  Lucia from Vaccaro's was "amazed at the talent and creativity they showed!" The table was deemed the "table to be at" because of the sweet look and all the goodies it offered!  Party Plus made a mark at this event and will continue to do so for years to come! 

Thank you to all who collaberated to make this table spectacular:


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